Whatever we do, quality is our biggest commitement

Quality is not a word for Sarval. It’s not a vision. It’s a daily attitude: something that comes from DNA. Actually quality has been our statement since the foundation of Sarval, in the ’80s.
And even much before, since Sarval was part of a big company founded in the ’50s and then splitted in different companies. This is also why, even if Sarval is less than 20 years old, our know-how comes from an experience of more than 60 years.

The result is a range of high performing products:

Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Special Valves and Strayner for the most demanding companies and the most severe requirements of Oil, Gas and Power Generation industries, including Chemical, Petrochemical and Power Plants, Off-Shore & On-Shore, Refining, Ship Building, Water Treatment & Energy Generation.